Artaya jewelry can also be found to the boutiques below:


ACT & REACT AD., Κολοκοτρώνη 37, Κηφισιά
KM NAILS, Θησέως 66, 17676 Καλλιθέα


SOFRANO BOUTIQUE, Επαρ.Οδ. Κύθνου – Λουτρών, 84006 Κύθνος
GMKT, Σωκράτους Παπαβασιλείου, 84300 Νάξος


XOXO the Jewel Bar, online store Κύπρος

Artaya jewelry was founded in 2017 by Maria-Eleni Cravariti while she was studying Surveying Engineering in National Technical University of Athens. Our brand, being new in the field of jewelry, comes to add a personal note of aesthetics, quality, and affordable luxury to the life of every woman. The workshops of our production team are all based in Greece and the quality they provide is of an exceptional standard, in every unique design they implement while many of the designs are also manufactured by the brand’s own designer, after careful selection of raw materials, semi-precious stones, colors and textures. This is why our collections are very limited as the materials are hand-picked and the jewelry are made in a unique way. Entering our page, you will find that at least one of our many designs is exactly made for you but even if we do not achieve exactly your style, we are here to manufacture on demand exactly what you will ask. Finally, it is worth noting that even if our brand follows the trends of fashion, it still does not cease to prioritize the harmony and elegance of a genuine female youth jewelry. Boutiques