Artaya jewelry
The Brand
We prioritize aesthetics in limited editions
Artaya was founded in 2017 by Maria-Eleni Cravariti while she was studying Surveying Engineering in National Technical University of Athens. Our brand, being new in the field of jewelry, comes to add a personal note of aesthetics, quality and accessible luxury to the life of the everyday woman. The workshops of Artaya production team are all based in Greece and the quality they provide is of an exceptional standard, in every unique design they implement while many of the designs are also manufactured by the brand’s own designer, after careful selection of raw materials, semi-precious stones, colors and textures. The brand always following the fashion trends, never ceases to prioritize the harmony and elegance of a genuine female youth jewelry, which you will enjoy for years.



Elegant handcrafted jewelry exclusively made in limited collections


Flâneur Collection

Τhe flâneur concept is a complete philosophical way of living and thinking – literally meaning the stroller, lounger or loafer, that cool observer of urban society.

Our Flâneur Collection was launched at September of 2021 and marks our return to normality.
Let’s Carpe Diem more than ever…!